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6 Things You’ll Discover By Studying The Circle Of Fifths

By Nicholas Rubright on

Music theory can seem like a boring topic at times. But the truth is that it’s a lot of fun when you begin connecting the

Everything You Need To Know BEFORE You Design A Great Album Cover

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You Don’t Know What You Don’t KnowAs a graphic designer, I’ve met my fair share of clients who don’t know what they

Best Digital Pianos - According to a Piano Expert

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Digital pianos have taken the musical world by the storm. While they come in many sizes and ranges, the best digital pianos are the ones sounding

How to Start a Band - 10 Steps for Success

By Nicholas Rubright on under Starting a Band, Running a Band, Musicians

Once you've learned the fundamentals of your instrument, you might be looking to start a band. Playing in a band is a lot of fun, but