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About Dozmia

Dozmia was founded by University of North Florida Marketing student Nicholas Rubright with the intent to help musicians grow their audience through a music streaming app, which was called Dozmia. Unfortunately, the app didn't work out, so the business pivoted to exclusively publishing on this blog, which aims to help musicians move forward in their careers by gaining knowledge about how marketing works and helping them pick out the best equipment for their musical needs.

About Author Nicholas Rubright

Nicholas has been playing guitar, both acoustic and electric, for 10 years. He started a band in 2016 called Days Gone By that is currently in the process of recording their first EP. In the studio for this EP, Nicholas had the benefit of trying out many acoustic and electric guitars and has learned a great deal about how a unique and beautiful guitar tone is formed. He is well versed in many techniques of playing the guitar, such as economy picking and sweep picking, and has a deep technical understanding of why a guitar is built a certain way.

In May of 2015, Nicholas graduated with a Marketing degree from the University of North Florida. During this time is when he built Dozmia from the ground up. Now, the website generates over 1,000 visits each day from his marketing efforts.

Feel free to contact him at nrubright@dozmia.com