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How to Start a Band - 10 Steps for Success

By Nicholas Rubright on under Starting a Band, Running a Band, Musicians

Once you've learned the fundamentals of your instrument, you might be looking to start a band. Playing in a band is a lot of fun, but

5 Ways to Find Band Members

By Nicholas Rubright on under Music Marketing, Running a Band, Starting a Band, Musicians

Everyone knows that getting your music heard is extremely hard, but before you can even make music to be pushed out to aspiring fans, you need

Your Tour Van is a Cop Magnet

By Guest Author on under Music Marketing, Touring, Starting a Band, Running a Band

There’s a long history of disconnect between true rockers and [the fuzz](http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=the fuzz). Dead Kennedys wrote “Police

How to Trademark a Logo - A Step-by-Step Guide

By Nicholas Rubright on under Trademark, Starting a Band, Legal Music Tips, Music Industry Law, Logo

You've designed an awesome logo and want to have it legally protected. We've discussed trademarking a name before, but logo rights are a little different. Before