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How to Start a Band - 10 Steps for Success

By Nicholas Rubright on under Starting a Band, Running a Band, Musicians

Once you've learned the fundamentals of your instrument, you might be looking to start a band. Playing in a band is a lot of fun, but

5 Ways to Find Band Members

By Nicholas Rubright on under Music Marketing, Running a Band, Starting a Band, Musicians

Everyone knows that getting your music heard [https://blog.dozmia.com/get-your-music-heard-noticed/] is extremely hard, but before you can even make music to be pushed out

Your Tour Van is a Cop Magnet

By Guest Author on under Music Marketing, Touring, Starting a Band, Running a Band

There’s a long history of disconnect between true rockers and [the fuzz]( http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=the fuzz). Dead Kennedys wrote “ Police

How to Trademark a Logo - A Step-by-Step Guide

By Nicholas Rubright on under Trademark, Starting a Band, Legal Music Tips, Music Industry Law, Logo

You've designed an awesome logo and want to have it legally protected. We've discussed trademarking a name [https://blog.dozmia.com/how-to-trademark-a-band-name/] before, but logo rights