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How to Promote Your Music on Instagram

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Instagram has become one of the best places to share content on social media, and with more than 700 million active users, it’s especially useful

5 Ways to Make Marketing Your Music Less Hard

By Guest Author on under Music Marketing, Marketing Tips, Musicians

My name’s Dave - I play in a Minneapolis Indie-Pop band called Whosah. Doing it all yourself is a grind, as you probably know by

How To Legally Record And Sell A Cover Song in 3 Steps

By Guest Author on under Music Licensing, Music Industry Law, Music Marketing, Legal Music Tips, Recording, Distribution, Guest Post

If the popularity of user generated content (UGC) platforms, such as YouTube and SoundCloud, has taught us anything about the music industry in the Digital Age,

Your Tour Van is a Cop Magnet

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There’s a long history of disconnect between true rockers and [the fuzz](http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=the fuzz). Dead Kennedys wrote “Police