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6 Tips for Reaching Out to Music Blogs to Get Your Album Reviewed

By Nicholas Rubright on under Music Marketing, Musicians, Running a Band, Marketing Ideas, Marketing Tips, Starting a Band, Email Marketing for Bands, Blog Outreach

Getting your music reviewed on influential blogs like Pitchfork is a quick way to get your music heard and gain new fans. Many musicians make mistakes

How to Promote Your Music Video Online and Offline for Free

By Nicholas Rubright on under Music Marketing, Musicians, Marketing Tips, Marketing Ideas, Running a Band, Distribution, YouTube Marketing, Promote Music Video on YouTube, Music Video Promotion

You've just released a new music video, congratulations! Music videos can be a great marketing tool for your music. Even though it's easy for music fans

Streaming Service Optimization (SSO) - How to Promote Your Music on Streaming Services

By Nicholas Rubright on under Music Marketing, Marketing Tips, Marketing Ideas, Musicians, Running a Band, App, Music Streaming, Marketing on Music Streaming Services

You've recorded your album and uploaded it to music streaming platforms, but the only plays you're getting are from direct links you share on social media,

50 Restaurant Marketing Ideas and Tips for Owners and Managers

By Nicholas Rubright on under Restaurant, Restaurant Marketing, Marketing Tips, Restaurant Owners, Restaurant Managers, Marketing Ideas, Dozmia for Business, Business, Mood, Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing for Restaurants, Restaurant Customer Loyalty, Restaurant Advertising

Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business. Your restaurant may have great food, an awesome atmosphere with great lighting and background music,