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10 Apps for Restaurant Owners and Managers to Improve Productivity

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Mobile apps can increase the efficiency of many tasks. Apps designed for restaurants can help with employee scheduling, music selection, and even marketing automation. Note: This

14 Bar Games, Activities, and Event Ideas to Entertain Your Guests

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While atmospheric elements such as decor, lighting, and background music are important, entertaining guests is a vital part of running a bar. Many people return to

13 Common Questions About Music Licensing for Businesses

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Similarly to authors of books, songs are protected under copyright law [https://blog.dozmia.com/how-to-copyright-a-song/] to protect the songwriters. Because of this, it is generally

50 Restaurant Marketing Ideas and Tips for Owners and Managers

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Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business. Your restaurant may have great food, an awesome atmosphere with great lighting and background music