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Reddit can be a great music promotion channel.

Because reddit is very community based, you can grow a passionate following by driving traffic to your music if you're able to use it correctly.

One site tested the power of reddit and was able to generate 10,000 page views from reddit in just 2 weeks.


This means that for musicians, reddit can be a valuable source of referral traffic that converts into SoundCloud plays or music video views.

Unfortunately for musicians, redditors HATE self-promotion. Reddit music has over 5 million participants, but if you simply post links to your own songs, you're likely to receive lots of down votes and hateful comments.

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It's true that it can be tough to generate valuable referral traffic to your music from reddit music, but it is possible, and here's how you can do it.

Be a redditor

When it comes to engaging the reddit community, it's important to remember that you should be a redditor who is also a musician, not a musician with a reddit account.

If the first thing you post on reddit is promotional, redditors will see through this by looking at your account history and down vote your post. Even worse, you could get your account banned if you only post your own music.


Interact with the sites users. Build up a post history that shows that you’re a normal user. Build up your karma points by posting helpful or funny comments on other posts.

Does this mean you have to spend hours a day on reddit building up your reputation?


All it takes is about 10 minutes a week to post a funny GIF or newly discovered song to engage the reddit community.

When you do share your own music on reddit, if users smell "self-promotion," they'll go back and look at your post history to confirm their suspicions. Having a history of non-promotional posts will prove them wrong,, saving you from down votes and negative comments.

In addition to building up your post history, engaging on the site will give you a sense of the type of songs reddit users are listening to in the different subreddits. This can help you select the best subreddit to share your music in.

R/Music's guidelines state that only 10% of what you post should be your own work, but before posting any of your own work, become an active member of the community.

Share in the right subreddits

When you do eventually share your own music on reddit, you want to reach a passionate, niche audience that will be interested in what you've created.

Make sure you post in the correct subreddit. You can share your music in r/ThisIsOutMusic for feedback, but remember, reddit is a community that values engagement, so don't forget to give feedback to others as well.


Check out some of the music based subreddits recommended by r/music to get an idea of where you should post your own songs.

When sharing new music on r/Music, Saturdays may be best, as every Saturday is dedicated to new, original content.

Don't be greedy

It's easy to see your YouTube video views go up from reddit traffic and think to yourself "Wow, that was so easy! It only took me 2 seconds! I should do this all the time!"

Not so fast. If you just posted a link in a subreddit, let it rest for a while. Limit your posting in any specific subreddit to once every 2 weeks or month. Overdoing it can make you seem too self promotional.

Additionally, posting your content too often across reddit is a big no-no. Moderators can see your site wide activity, so being too spammy can result in your account being shaddowbanned, which means none of your posts will ever show up for anyone but you.

Upload to RadioReddit

RadioReddit is an internet radio station that plays music from redditors. Similar to reddit, the playlist works by upvotes - the more upvotes you get, the more airtime your track gets.

Comment and reply to everyone

Activity on your reddit post leads to even more activity.

When someone comments, replying to the comment can double the comment count on your post, which will increase the click-thru rate and result in more views for your post, and more clicks to your link.

You can even be the first to comment on your own link to get the conversation started.

Be humble

Most people take criticism badly and respond with defensive arguments.

Instead, use criticism from other redditors to your advantage. You can do this by keeping your responses humble, and using their criticism to ask questions.

When replying to comments, learn as much as you can from your commenter.


Don't be a musician with a reddit account.

Be a redditor.

Spend 10 minutes a week using the site to get a feel for the community, then when you do post some of your own content, other redditors will be more likely to respond in a positive way.

If you're interested in learning more about Reddit, check out this awesome infographic by websitebuilder.org.

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