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The internet has forever changed how music is shared and consumed. Music fans used to walk into a record store to purchase full albums. Now, music is available online, just a few clicks away, and mostly for free.

As a musician, it's in your best interest to be in the places people are looking for music. Not only do you want your music to be on the biggest services, which you can get on easily through a music distributor, you want new fans to be able to find you through newer services and blogs as well.

Here are 10 websites and apps to upload, share, and promote your music that you may not have considered yet.

Note: This article includes affiliate links where the author may receive a commission.

1. Submit your music to Dozmia

Dozmia is a new music streaming service that aims to connect new music with the fans who are looking for it. The app currently has many ways to discover new music that are friendly to new artists, such as a Discover page featuring new releases immediately after they're uploaded, search functionality that promotes new music to users based on queries for similar sounding mainstream artists, and playlists that feature the most played tracks (which at this point are easy to get into just by inviting a few friends to the service).

With a mission to recommend new music to users based on the quality of the music instead of an artists popularity, uploading to Dozmia makes sense for almost all independent musicians and labels who are trying to promote their music online.

2. Reddit Music and Radio Reddit

Many things that spread virally online start on Reddit. This makes it a great place to promote your music. However, before you dive in and start sharing your music on the website, it's important to become a redditor.

Reddit is a community of passionate users, and they hate self promotion. If you go on Reddit and simply post your music, the community will tear you up, and it can be hard to recover from this. Become a part of the Reddit community, then share your music with them.

3. Set up a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the biggest sources of music discovery online, so it's no question you need to have your music on here. If you don't have the budget to create a full fledged music video, put together a lyric video. When you upload your video to YouTube, make sure you take the appropriate steps to make sure it's easy to discover through recommendations, YouTube search, and even on Google search results, which be especially valuable in driving organic traffic to cover videos.

Don't just upload your music video to YouTube - promote it.

4. Niche video sharing sites like DailyMotion and Vimeo

While YouTube is the biggest video sharing site on the internet, and one of the main sources of music discovery, it's also extremely competitive. Less competitive sites like Vimeo and DailyMotion can give you a chance to promote your music to different communities.

5. Find music blogs in your niche with HypeMachine

Getting your music reviewed by music blogs is a great way to reach people who are most interested in seeking out new music. Instead of sending your music to every blog in existence, find blogs that may be interested in your type of music with services like HypeMachine, take the time to build relationships with blogs in your niche by following them on Twitter, commenting on their blog posts, and sharing their content before reaching out.

6. List your shows on Bandsintown and Songkick

Every musician hopes to play in front of a large crowd, but for this to happen, people need to know about your shows. Concert discovery apps like Bandsintown and Songkick make it easy for concert goers to discover new shows in their hometown, so make sure your next event is listed in these apps.

7. Sell music and merchandise online with Bandcamp or Big Cartel

If you already have a fan base, selling your music and merchandise online is a great way to start monetizing them. Bandcamp and BigCartel make it easy to list your music and merchandise, then sell it on your website and social media accounts.

8. Build an email list

Social media sites come and go, but email is forever. As a musician, your email list is your most valuable asset. If you've built up an email list, then every time you release new music or merchandise, you can generate some sales simply by sending an email to your subscribers.

If you haven't started an email list yet, you can start now with services like MailChimp or Aweber. Once you're set up, start growing your email list as soon as possible.

9. Promote your music on social media

Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook provide great opportunities for people to find their next favorite band. For effective social media music promotion on Twitter and Instagram, get in front of people looking for something to listen to by using genre based hashtags like #rock or #jazz. For Facebook, post engaging content to grow your audience organically through likes, comments, and shares.

10. Build a website

Every serious musician needs a website that prominently displays their newest music and merchandise. Uploading your music to new services and websites is great, but a website is something you own, and having full control over your fans experience enables you to do whatever it takes to sell more music and get more mailing list signups.

If you don't already have a website, you can hire a developer to build one for you, or use a service like Wix to get things going quickly. When using these services, they usually default to hosting your domain as a subdomain to theirs (for example, yourbandname.bandzoogle.com). Instead, make sure to get your own domain so you get all of the SEO benefits.

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