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A great way to encourage your fans to share your website with their fans is to have social media sharing buttons on every page.

You may have noticed these buttons on our blog. If you're on your desktop, the buttons are on the side, while on mobile, they're on the bottom.

For these buttons, we use a plugin called Sumome. It's free for a limited amount of traffic.

The most annoying thing when reading a blog on a mobile device is when share buttons get in the way of reading a webpage. We tried a few other social share button plugins, but chose Sumome because the buttons don't get in the way of our articles on mobile devices.

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To install it, just create an account and plug their code into the header section of your website, as instructed here.

Once it's all set up and you're logged in on your site, you should see this on the right side:


Click the crown icon to open the app, which looks like this:


Next, click "Share" to set up and enable social share buttons, then under "Settings," drag the social media icons you want shown on your site from "Available Services" to "Selected Services."


Then you're all set. You now have social share buttons on your website.

Even better, you can track clicks and shares of every page on your website.

To see how many people have clicked each button, and from which social media sites, just check under the "clicks" menu.


To see how many shares a specific page has gotten, you'll need to turn on the social share counts. Click "Settings," then scroll down to "Share Counts" and turn on "Show Share Counts."


Then to see how many times a specific page on your website has been shared on social media, just go to that page and look at the share counts.

Simple, right?

When selecting social share buttons to display on your website, be careful about choosing too many, as this can overwhelm your visitors. Figure out what social media sites your fans are most active on, and display buttons for these networks.

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