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Facebook has over 1 billion users active on the site every day, so it's no question that it's a powerful source of promotion for your music. Getting page likes is important because it allows you continue to reach your fans. Unfortunately, Facebook's algorithm for displaying content to users heavily weighs their engagement with the source of that shared content, so if your fans aren't engaging with the content you post, the number of fans who see your posts will decrease over time.

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Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

The best way to get page likes and keep your fans active on your page is to make your posts engaging. Here are 6 tips to make your posts more engaging.

1) Follow the Social Media Rule of Thirds

A good way to get more shares is to follow the social media rule of thirds:

  • A third of your posts should be promotional, such as sharing links to your songs in streaming services.
  • A third of your posts should provide value to your fans.
  • A third of your posts should engage fans in some way to build a relationship, such as a question or sharing a post from a fan.

The idea here is to make 2/3rd's of your posts simply about engaging your fanbase, not about your music. If done well, and these posts are getting a good amount of likes, comments, and shares, content from your page will rank higher in Facebook's algorithm. Then, when you do post about your music, more of your fans will see it.

2) Post Viral Photos

Photos are the most popular type of post on all of social media. Why do you think Instagram and Pinterest have done so well?

Follow your fans on Facebook and pay attention to what they're sharing. If they're sharing lots of memes, post memes. If they're sharing photos with inspirational quotes, maybe share a photo with a piece of your lyrics in it. Just make sure to keep these posts somewhat related to your music.

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3) Engage Other Musicians

Post comments on other musicians' posts, and their fans might check you out. Don't post a "Hey guys check out our music" comment, but say something that's related to the post.

Another way to engage musicians in your scene is to include them in your music video. This can help with promotion of your music video when it goes up on YouTube, since it will be shared to a larger audience.

4) Respond to Your Fans

This is more about keeping your fans engaged rather than getting more page likes, but it's still valid. If a fan posts a nice comment, say thank you. If they share something on your page, like a picture of a CD they bought at one of your shows, thank them and engage them in conversation.

5) Timing is Everything

When you post on Facebook is very important.

When should you post on Facebook?

Rather than following advice from blog posts you find online, dig into your page insights to see when your fans are active, then post at those times.

You can schedule your Facebook posting in advance using tools like Hootsuite.

Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

6) Ask Other Musicians for Help

Reaching out to other musicians in your area can help you build your local fanbase. If you've posted something that's getting a good amount of engagement, find other musicians in your scene with a good sized audience and ask them to share it.

If the post is getting a lot of engagement for you, it's likely that it will for them too. This can work particularly well for photos, and when you post music to your page.

Do you agree with these points? What tips do you have for getting more likes and engagement on Facebook? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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