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Mobile apps can increase the efficiency of many tasks. Apps designed for restaurants can help with employee scheduling, music selection, and even marketing automation.

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Here are 10 mobile apps for restaurant owners and managers to check out:

1. Yelp - Restaurant Review App

Since many people find places to eat on Yelp, it's important to keep up to date on your reviews, images, and comments. Be sure to claim your business so you can maintain your page with information relevant to visitors.

Download Yelp for iOS or Android.

2. ZoomShift - Employee Scheduling Software

If you hire lots of hourly employees, you'll need to find a way to easily manage their schedules. This is what ZoomShift can help with. Their employee scheduling software makes it extremely easy to manage the shifts of your workforce. This will save you a tremendous amount of time that you can then use on more important things, like marketing your restaurant or franchising to scale up the business.

3. BlueCart - Supplier Management App

It's important to keep your supplier ordering process as efficient as possible. BlueCart helps you with this by streamlining your orders into 1 simple step, as opposed to sending one order at a time to each supplier.

Download BlueCart for iOS or Android.

4. When I Work - Employee Scheduling App

Employees need quick and easy access to their schedules, and that's what When I Work can offer with it's mobile employee scheduling app. You can easily set up employee schedules right from your pocket, and they can check schedules quickly within the same app on their device.

Download When I Work for iOS or Android.

5. Hootsuite - Social Media Management App

It can be a pain to log in to every social media website every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to post updates. Hootsuite lets you manage all of your social media profiles from one account, and even lets you schedule posts throughout the day, which can save huge amounts of time.

Get Hootsuite on iOS or Android.

6. Freshbooks - Accounting App

Freshbooks is a cloud based accounting solution gives you the ability to manage your accounting right from your pocket. It's important for any business to keep their books up to date, and as a restaurant owner, you want to be able to do this away from your computer.

Get Freshbooks on iOS or Android.

7. Evernote - Note Taking App

Incase you ever need to jot down something to remember later, Evernote can provide a great solution to this. While iOS and Android devices come with standard notepad apps, Evernote lets you tag notes for ease of search later on, and even embed pictures, tables, video, and audio. It's also much easier to create to-do lists and share them with your employees.

Get Evernote on iOS or Android.

8. Wunderlist - To-do List App

Wunderlust lets you easily create to-do lists to share with your employees. This can cut down on management time, and make it easy for employees to know what needs to be completed for the day as soon as they come into work. Whenever lists are updated, twey're automatically synced to other users devices.

Get Wunderlust on iOS or Android.

9. RescueTime - Time Management App

We all wish we had more hours in the day. RescueTime helps you find out where you're waisting time throughout the day by tracking your daily digital habits, breaking everything down by application and website to help you set productivity goals.

Get RescueTime on Android.

10. Slack - Team Messaging App

Slack is a mobile messaging app that lets you easily communicate with your team. When you set up a group chat, you notify individual group members by typing @their-name, then your message to them. You can even send messages to the whole group with @everyone.

Get Slack on iOS or Android.

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