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You may have seen some videos on YouTube before that have a few call-to-actions at the end, like this:


For musicians, end cards can be a great way to:

  • Promote a new music video or playlist from existing videos.
  • Link to merchandise at the end of your videos.
  • Ask viewers to subscribe after viewing your vide.

Creating a YouTube End Card

You have three options for creating end cards:

  1. Create a unique end card for every video.
  2. Use a template and customize it for each video.
  3. Create one end card that you use on every video.

End cards must be a part of the video itself, so you either need to add them during editing or upload a private clip to YouTube that consists of only the end card, then use YouTube’s editor to combine your video and your end card into each new video.

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Either way, when uploading your video to YouTube, you want to create a nice design for your end card screen.

If you aren't a photoshop whiz, you can do this with Canva.

Once your video is uploaded and the end card screen is in place (either in the video or by combining the videos in YouTube's editor), you can add the end card elements as shown in this video:

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