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I'm writing this post because as I review the submissions we receive at Dozmia, I noticed that many artists put a lot of effort into their recordings, but seem to neglect the artwork. They upload something that reflects that of a profile picture, rather than something that reflects the contents of their release.

If you're releasing an album or single, artwork is very important. Many sites that feature music involve browsing in some way, and because of this, your album art is the first impression you give the visitors of that site. Bad album art will cause people to scroll past your music without a second thought.

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For this reason, many online music stores, like iTunes and Amazon, require perfectly square, high quality album art. The quality of the album art is important, but the image quality is only part of what makes album art great. Your music is art, and the visuals that represent that should be created with just as much care as what it represents. Your artwork should reflect the quality and attention to detail that you put into your music.

One of my favorite bands, Socionic, is a great example when it comes to album art that reflects their music. Check out the album art from their latest release, Dividing Horizon...


Beautiful. If I'm scrolling through a bunch of releases on a blog, this would stand out to me. I want to click it. I want to become fully immersed in what's behind this image (which turns out to be amazing music).

Their first release, Identity, is also an example of good artwork. They created amazing artwork, not only for their release, but also for each song on the album. Check it out...







The visuals of this album hint at the beauty within the contents of the album. After I'm visually stimulated, I want to see what's behind the image, so I listen to the song that represents the image. This creates a journey for me as a listener, and the artwork for each song gives me a reason to buy the physical copy of the album rather than stream it or download individual songs.

This post isn't meant to be an album review -- it's written to point out how powerful album art can be, and Socionic did a phenomenal job with this. Human beings are visual by nature, and because of how music is shared online, many first impressions of music are the artwork.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Find out what kind of visuals people in your scene are drawn to, make something they will want to explore, and you'll find that when you or your fans share your music online, more people will click into it to hear your music.

The rule "don't judge a book by it's cover" applies to music, but the reality is that people don't follow this rule. People do judge books by their covers, and they do judge albums by their artwork. Make beautiful artwork, and the judgement will be positive.

I'd recommend you hire an expert to create your artwork instead of going the DIY route. Socionic's album art was created by Valp. Be sure to shop around for a graphic design artist whose style is a good fit for your music.

You can check out Socionic's music on Dozmia. Download the app here: https://appsto.re/us/EJoW8.i

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