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There are many services that offer music for business, and even build custom playlists for businesses, but could consumer streaming services like Spotify be a good alternative to a background music service?

Here are some things to consider before using Spotify in your business.

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It May Not be Legal

Consumer facing streaming services like Spotify are intended for personal use, not commercial. Because of this, consumer streaming services are often not licensed for use in a commercial setting. Even if you pay for a subscription, a commercial license isn't included.

More specifically, Spotify prohibits the use of their service in a commercial setting within their terms of use, meaning if you use Spotify in your business, your account could be suspended.

Spotify May Not be Best for Business Use

Spotify is good for personal use, but for business use, it may not be the best option. Music is often interrupted with ads, which can interrupt the atmosphere and can be distracting to your customers. Additionally, the recommendation system in Spotify is for individual users, and not intended for businesses, which means music may vary by tempo, key, and may even contain explicit lyrics.

If you're looking to use music in your business, consider a service that offers music specifically for business use, like Dozmia for Business

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