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As a consumer, iHeartRadio is a good music service if you're looking to create your own stations based on artists, albums, or songs, or even looking to listen to local radio stations on any of your devices. However, when it comes to a business setting, iHeartRadio may not be the best choice.

Here are some things to consider before playing iHeartRadio in your business.

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Legal Complications

iHeartRadio's terms of use dictate that the consumer streaming service is for non-commercial use only. Using this service in your business may result in music licensing complications, and even get your iHeartRadio account suspended.


Ads can be intrusive to your music, and therefore intrusive to your businesses atmosphere. You can subscribe to the premium version of iHeartRadio, but even then you're limited to personal use according to their terms of use, and local radio stations featured in the app may still include commercials between songs. Commercials will distract your customers from your branding efforts.

Is iHeartRadio Good for Business?

The main feature of iHeartRadio is to allow users to stream their local radio stations to their device. Additionally, like Pandora, the service lets users create radio stations based on artists and songs they already know and love.

iHeartRadio's music recommendation system features a broad mix of music, which can result in deviations from your brands sound. Local radio stations feature more popular songs that may not fully represent your brands personality. Independent music can be a nice touch for a cafe or coffee shop, and personalize your brand.

Custom music designed specifically for your atmosphere or style may be a better option, and can be a strong reflection of your brands personality. Licensing the music from performance rights organizations directly and putting together a playlist for your business can give you much better results than generic radio stations or algorithmically constructed playlists.

If you'd prefer to have someone else handle all of the licensing complications and put together a playlist for your business, check out Dozmia for Business.

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