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Your hotel lobby gives your guests the impression of what to expect for their stay. It's important that everything is right - the staff is friendly, the colors represent your brand, and the background music gives off the right impression.

When it comes to background music for your hotel lobby, there are many options to choose from depending on the impression you're trying to give your guests.

Here are some different approaches that may work for you.

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Go Classy

If you're looking to establish a highly sophisticated atmosphere, and can live up to promises of a great stay, then low tempo, major key classical music is the way to go. Classical music can give guests the impression of sophistication, and can result in increased expectations of cleanliness and service.

You can also take it a step further and have a pianist play live music in the lobby. The music will sound much better, and the impression you give your guests will be escalated above that of your competitors.

Reinforce a Culture

Maybe your brand fits into a specific culture of travelers, or a specific location. Weather you cater to business travelers, road-trippers, families, or international travelers, music can reinforce this message.

Business travelers are most likely seeking a high-class place to stay, but families and vacation travelers may appreciate music that's a bit more tasteful. Playing music that's aligned with your guests' music taste can result in deeper emotional connections with your brand. Alternatively, playing music based on your location, such as beach music for the tropics or local bands from a small town, can help reinforce a local culture.

Become a Source of Discovery

If you want to establish brand loyalty with guests, it's best to introduce them to something new that they will appreciate. Music is a great way to go about this. If your guests discover a new song in your lobby, the positive emotions they get from the newly discovered song will become associated with your brand.

Dozmia for Business can help with your hotel's music. By streaming a playlist into your lobby in a way that lets customers save it to their device, and even share it with friends, your guests are more likely to remember you as the introducer to their new favorite song, and therefore the hotel to book on their next trip.

Need music for your hotel lobby?

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