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Hookah bars are great places to go to hang out with your friends, and music can compliment an already chill experience. However, the wrong type of music can actually cause people to leave, so it's important that you select background music that results in a longer stay so your guests will buy more hookah, food, and drinks.

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Here are a few things to consider when choosing music for your Hookah Lounge.

Make Sure it's Legal

Many businesses choose to play music from consumer streaming services like Pandora, but playing Pandora in your business is against Pandora's terms of use, and can result in the termination of your account. Playing Spotify for business use can lead to similar issues.

Aside from making sure you stay away from consumer music services when playing songs for your business, it's important that you obtain the proper music licenses to ensure you're playing music in your business legally.

Services that offer music for business use can simplify the process, and even help with music selection.

Need music for your hookah lounge??

Choose the Right Style

The style of music can reinforce a brand message and style if selected carefully. Most hookah bars go for the hipster vibe, but make the improper selection of pop music. You want to make sure you choose music that is complimentary to the rest of your atmosphere. A hipster vibe would go best with music from independent musicians, while a modern atmosphere would go nicely with pop music. If music is less important to your overall theme, an instrumental selection may prove helpful.

Many hookah bars are Indian or Arab themed, so the best music to choose might be from musicians in those parts of the world.

Selecting Tempo and Key

Tempo refers to how fast a song is, while the key refers to how happy or sad a song sounds. Major key songs, for example, sound happy, while minor key songs have a negative emotion to them. If you'd prefer your guests to linger in your bar and buy more drinks, it's best to play slow paced music, but be sure to stick with minor key songs to maintain a positive mood.

Need music for your hookah lounge?

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