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From smoothies to sandwiches, cafe's each have their own focus. With that focus, they have a style and atmosphere built around their product. Music is an important part of that atmosphere, and if used correctly, can reinforce other brand elements. Go too generic with your music, and you're missing the opportunity to reflect your brand in a strong, emotionally satisfying way to your customers.

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Here are some tips for choosing background music for your cafe.

Make Sure It's Legal

Playing Pandora in a business setting can cause licensing issues, since it's a service intended for consumers. Additionally, it's important to secure the proper licenses from BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC. Playing music illegally can result in lawsuits that lead to massive fines, so take the time to ensure legal compliance to copyright law.

To simplify the process, consider using a background music service provider, like Dozmia for Business.

Focus on Your Brand and Style

The most important part of music in a business setting is that it matches your overall brand profile. According to a survey on music's impact in public places, 62% of consumers think businesses could do a better job selecting music that actually fits their style. It's important to carefully consider the style of your cafe when selecting music. High-tempo top 40 songs can help with quick table turn, but customers will appreciate attention to detail when it comes to song selection. If your cafe features a tropical theme, maybe Caribbean music makes sense. Opening a casual sandwich shop? Try singer-songwriter type songs.

Consider Music from New Artists

Mainstream music can produce the same positive business results that newer music can, but selecting newer music can give off the impression that you actually care about the music and artists that are played in your restaurant. Rather than skimming the top tracks in a given genre, digging in for those deep cuts by unknown artists can reveal hidden gems that are a perfect match for the style of your cafe, and can even introduce your customers to their new favorite song, which can build brand loyalty.

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