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How to Trademark a Logo - A Step-by-Step Guide

By Nicholas Rubright on under Trademark, Starting a Band, Legal Music Tips, Music Industry Law, Logo

You've designed an awesome logo and want to have it legally protected. We've discussed trademarking a name before, but logo rights are a little different. Before

How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Effective Music Promotion

By Nicholas Rubright on under Music Marketing, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Marketing, Promote Music Online

Social media is an essential tool for musicians. While it shouldn't replace your website, and you shouldn't neglect your email list, knowing the right way to

How to Get Signed By a Record Label - The Ultimate Guide

By Nicholas Rubright on under Music Marketing, Starting a Band, Running a Band, Record Labels, Getting Signed

Have you ever wondered why some artists get signed to big labels, while others fail to even get through to A&R? If you've progressed

8 Things to Have in Your Band's Press Kit

By Nicholas Rubright on under Music Marketing, Running a Band, Starting a Band, Blog Outreach, Get Your Band on The Radio, Publicity, Press

If you're attempting to reach out to blogs and magazines for reviews of your new music, it's likely you've come across requests for an EPK. When

Mixing vs. Mastering - What's the Difference?

By Nicholas Rubright on under Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Mixing and mastering are both involved in the post-production process of putting together an album, and they both involve using special equipment to tweak the sound