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How To Legally Record And Sell A Cover Song in 3 Steps

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If the popularity of user generated content (UGC) platforms, such as YouTube and SoundCloud, has taught us anything about the music industry in the Digital Age,

4 Elements All Successful Band Websites Need To Have

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When designing a website for your music, you have to keep in mind that there are three different audiences that will be visiting your site. These

Your Tour Van is a Cop Magnet

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There’s a long history of disconnect between true rockers and the fuzz. Dead Kennedys wrote “Police Truck” almost forty years ago. NWA had their infamous

How I crowdfunded my debut jazz album 111% in under 30 days

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The following article was written by Mike Casey. You can check out his music on Dozmia - download the app here. Hello fellow artists! My name

4 Social Media Tools To Boost Engagement & Interaction

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The following is a guest post from David Andrew Wiebe - the founder of The Music Entrepreneur HQ and author of The New Music Industry: Adapting,