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To make it easier to get started on our blog, here are 10 posts to help you get the most out of your career as a musician.


1. How to Trademark Your Band or Artist Name in 4 Steps

The last thing you want is to release your first album or EP only to find that another band or artist has been using the same name as you in another part of the world.

Without a trademark, there'd be nothing you could do about this.

This post will show you how to conduct a trademark search to see if your band name is taken, then explain the steps required to getting your band or artist name trademarked.

2. Music Marketing Tips and Ideas - 50 Ways to Promote Your Music

In the music industry, you're competing with literally millions of people crawling their way to the top.

However, most of these people don't know how to effectively market themselves or their music. They put out song after song, hoping they'll be discovered by a label executive or somehow go viral.

Separate yourself from the crowd by learning all you can about marketing.  Here are 50 ideas to get you started.

3. How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Effective Music Promotion

Social media is an essential tool for musicians.

Unfortunately, many artists promote their music on social media the wrong way - spamming Facebook groups or mass messaging people a link to their new music video.

These strategies annoy others, only result small amounts of growth, and can damage your online reputation.

This guide will show you how to put together a social media strategy that works.

4. How to Get Signed by a Record Label - The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wondered why some artists get signed to big labels, while others fail to even get through to A&R?

If you've progressed in your music career to the point where you're looking to score a record deal, it's important to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that could cost you the opportunity.

In this guide, you'll learn the right way to approach labels to increase your odds of getting signed, even if you have no industry connections.

5. 25 Musicians Share Their Best Songwriting Tips, Techniques, Ideas, and Exercises

Sometimes you just need some inspiration for your next song.

Songwriting is a personal process - there's no one-size-fits-all approach.

That's why we asked 25 musicians to share their best songwriting tips in this post.

6. How to Copyright a Song in 6 Steps

While it's true that in order to copyright a song, assuming it's your original work, it just needs to be made into a tangible form, you need to register your copyright to have enforceable protection.

Without a registered copyright, you can't access the courts to enforce it.

Check out this guide to registering your copyright that we put together with the help of a music industry attorney.

7. Get Radio Airplay - A Radio Promotion Guide for Musicians

Getting radio airplay is one of the most powerful drivers of a large, densely populated fanbase.

So, how can you get your song played on the radio? This guide will get you started.

8. The Complete Email Marketing Guide for Musicians - Start and Grow a Mailing List

Social media is great, but organic reach is declining.

The biggest social networks grew from email marketing.  Remember getting Facebook invites from your friends?

Your email list is your most valuable asset.  This guide can help set you up for email marketing success.

9. 10 Places to Upload, Share, Sell, and Promote Your Music Online

The internet has forever changed how music is shared and consumed.

Music fans used to walk into a record store to purchase full albums. Now, music is available online, just a few clicks away, and mostly for free.

Here are 10 websites and apps to upload, share, and promote your music that you may not have considered yet.

10. How to Write a Killer Band or Artist Bio in 10 Steps

First impressions are important, and you only get one shot at them.

Your bio is often your first impression to those who visit your website, social media accounts, and those who read about you online or in magazines.

This guide will help you get it right.